Bicycle "Go Kit" Trailer.

I am a member of the Ottawa Emergency Measures Radio Group, and I am passing on this information for anyone interested in such a set up for their bicycle.


After watching last years Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan I read an article on a news site that mentioned that due to blocked roads, the bicycle stores quickly sold out since bicycles could still maneuver through the city and countryside to allow people to move about.
So in that view, I have also created a Go-Kit based on this model.
Basically I found a Canadian company called WIKE that makes a basic bicycle trailer for $100.00, that is also built to carry two large storage containers.
This set up, by the way, is great for doing groceries too!
So now, if there is a call-out, and there is an issue with roads or bridges being out, I can still move a considerable amount of radio and personal gear
(food, clothes, sleeping bag) around the Ottawa region.
I also don't have to deal with gas stations either.
Here are some images of the Wike trailer attached to my bicycle with two storage containers. I drilled holes on the frame so that I could attach
bungee cords to secure the load.


The Wike web site is here: Wike Economy Trailer.
Cheers and 73.

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Last Update: July 20, 2012.