How safe is Walking and Cycling in River Ward?

Well it is not as safe as it should be!

Some of the pedestrian areas in and around the ward show clear evidence of decay, neglect, and deterioration as if the City of Ottawa does not even know these places exist. In several locations the walking conditions are so bad that they are similar to what can be found in third world countries. This is not acceptable for a Capital City.

The following four videos are of the Carlington Sector of River Ward with some sections overlapping into nearby Kitchissippi Ward. They show 25 areas of concern in the areas of walkability, snow removal, bicycling, un-maintained pathway to a school, un-maintained sidewalk to a city park, disabled access problems to a store on Carling Avenue and improper locations of bus stops.

Carlington Sector Videos:

Carleton Heights Walking Safety Issues

The bus stops on the north side of Baseline Road are dangerous.

There are no safe ways to cross the street between Prince of Wales and Merivale Road to go to and from bus stops on Baseline Road.

This is especially dangerous for the disabled and children. This problem needs to be fixed now by the use of pedestrian crossing signals and improved sidewalks around these bus stops.

This is a very OLD problem that should have been solved years ago!


Hunt Club Riverside Walking Safety Issues.

Hunt Club sidewalks are not properly cleared in winter. In winter time the snow plows typically push the snow from Hunt Club Road onto the sidewalk. This makes the sidewalk unusable for pedestrians who walk along Hunt Club Road.

The obvious and simple solution is to ensure that the road crews do not place snow onto these sidewalks, and if they do, the snow needs to be removed as soon as possible. This has been going since the Hunt Club Road was expanded to 4 lanes. It should NOT be happening at all.


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Last Update: July 18, 2014.